Friday, October 22, 2010

Field Trips Galore!!

A couple weeks ago, i went with ella's preschool class to a trip to snead's farm to ride on a hayride, swing from the ropes in the hay barn, feed the animals, and of course, pick a pumpkin! she had such a great time! (scroll down for pics)

Last friday, i went with weston's class to wakefield--george washington's birthplace for a field trip. the weather was perfect and it was so beautiful there! there were so many chaperones, that i only had to watch weston, and i actually learned a few things too! gotta love those kinds of field trips:o)

the blacksmith (a.k.a. a homeschool kid with no desire to be there) was pounding out a salt spoon. i found it to be kind of an odd choice to make for a second grade class!
in the kitchen learning about churning butter...
the view of pope's creek and the potomac from inside the house (not george washington's cause his burned to the ground).
weston's class looking at the pigs.
ella and her friends (ella's in the pink on the right)
she was the only kid brave enough to feed the chickens out of her hand!
feeding the newborn calf...
playing in the hay barn...
ella and the pumpkin she chose

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