Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First boat trip to National Harbor 9/19

A couple Sunday afternoons ago we decided to take the new boat out on an adventure down the Potomac. We left the marina and a little over an hour later, we were starting to see the city scape of D.C. We docked at National Harbor and ate lunch at Ketchup, which turned out to be a total disappointment. We got some coffee and watched the kids play on the man in the sand and then headed back to Stafford. It was a nice and relaxing day, and i look forward to many more to trips on the boat in the future!

never a normal picture with these 2!
ella posing on the man's hand...
weston winking with the gaylord in the background.
we told them to hold on tight on the way back b/c they wanted to sit up front. they both fell asleep--holding on! it was so cute!

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Crystal said...

wow- what an awesome life you guys have :) i'd love to go out on your boat some day - it seems like forever ago that we had one...only 8 years :)

Weston's party sounded awesome! You always amaze me at the way you can plan awesome parties and make awesome cupcakes. You are a supermom :) love ya!