Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Cushion Fort

This morning Weston decided to use all of the sunroom cushions + the outside cushions to make a fort for him and Ella. They sat in this thing and played forever after breakfast. They were being so cute together that I decided to snap of few pictures of their sweetness.
P.S. That is icing on Weston's chin from his cinnamon roll (gasp!).
Here is a kinda long video from weston's vbs program last night. i thought he was so funny with his hand motions and dance moves.

Ella's Smashed Finger

A couple of weeks ago, Ella smashed her 2 fingers (middle and ring) of her left hand in the Kidz Zone door at the gym. It was super nasty at the time and she cried for 45 minutes! Ella is normally a very tough girl and hardly ever cries when she gets hurt. Anyway, a few days ago her fingernail finally fell off after hanging on by a thread for nearly 2 days! She is very proud of her fingernailless finger and shows it to everyone! Hopefully, it will grow back soon, so i can repaint her fingernails!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

VBS in Ka-wah-tee

Just thought this was kinda funny and thought I would share with everyone. So, Weston is at VBS this week and the theme of the week is Outrigger Island. Everything is all "island like" and Carribbean, you get the idea. Well, anyway, Weston comes home the first day and says, "Mom, our room was decorated like ka-wah-tee (spelling it phonetically so you'll understand how he said it)! Our teacher was even dressed like she'd been to ka-wah-tee!" "What?" I say, "Karate?" "NO, ka-wha-tee!!" Thank goodness, I had been there and seen the decorations. I said, "Do you mean Hawaii?" "Yea, that's what I said! Ka-wah-tee!" I started laughing and got to laugh again when he had the whole conversation all over again with Chad at dinner! Oh, the things kids say...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ella's New Job

Ella's new favorite job is wiping down the table after meals. This was after dinner tonight. She's not very good at getting the middle of the table:o) Normally Ella does actually wear clothes, but she spilled her drink on her shirt during dinner.

Our Afternoon at the Park

Today we went to Kenmore Park for awhile after the gym and lunch at Panera. We were having a good time until a fight broke out between a 3 year old boy and another little boy's (that he shoved down) mother. It was kinda nasty so I packed the kids up, and we ran out of there! Ugh, drama at the park...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metro Richmond Zoo

Weston was too scared to let the giraffe eat out of his hands so he let him eat straight out of the food cup.

There was a small fight over the food from the giraffe on top of the rail and the one on the bottom. Weston did a good job of sharing the food with both of them.
The prarie dogs were Weston's favorite animals at the zoo. Go figure! Not the tigers, bears, giraffes, or even the rhinoceroses, but the PRARIE DOGS!
Ella's favorite animals were the penguins. We made it there in time to watch the zookeeper feed them their vitamin induced fish, and Ella thought it was hilarious!

Metro Richmond Zoo

Ella and one of the Galapogus (sp?) turtles. It took this thing about five minutes to get from there into his little house through that door right in front of him! Once inside he was disappointed to find an empty food and water bowl on one of the hottest days ever!! Good thing Galapogus turtles can live for up to a year without food and water!
Up close and personal!

The highlight of the day was getting to feed the giraffes. Their tongues were so long and slimy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our First Trip of the Season to the Beach

We went to the North Carolina Aquarium and the kids had a blast!
We got to touch a stingray!

Ella loved the sand at the beach this year!
Even though the water was freezing, Weston played in the ocean almost the whole time!
"Elbow friends!"

Weston's Big Milestones...

Weston's last day of preschool. They sang a few songs (which I will spare all of you the videos of) and then got their certificates. Whohoo!
This is how Weston plays goalie! He's the goalie in the green shirt.
Here is the awesome trophy he got for playing on the Eagles. I'm pretty sure they only scored 2 goals the whole season!
Weston got play on the same team as his friends Meleaha and Trevor.