Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oops, these pics are out of whack! Sorry, i'm trying to post this with Ella on my lap and Weston begging for a snack. Hide, when Mom dropped Landon off he was in his pj's but hadn't had a bath. He got kinda nasty eating his dinner, so I had to give him a bath. The only clean clothes I had for him were Ella's. Then we put him in Ella's doll cradle just for laughs:o)
Tubby time!


Hi, Mom! I miss you!!
Landon had fun dumping water...on the floor.

All smiles with little Ella.

Don't worry, he really seemed to like it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Turkey Trot on Turkey Day!

Today was Weston's first big race! He ran the Turkey Trot 1 miler in freezing cold weather!
He was so embarassed b/c i took like a million pictures of him at the starting line.

Totally focused on this race...he was never even nervous! He totally gets that from his father!

On your marks, get set, GO!
Poor guy's hat kept slipping down.
Go Weston, go! Go Weston, go!

Chad ran the last half with Wes. Here they running to the finish line!

Weston finished his 1 mile turkey trot in 11:41. This is the furthest he's ever run, and he never walked at all! I am so proud of him!

Look at my medal!
Pre-race picture...
Erin sprinting to the finish!

Dad trying hard to catch her (and make it back to his shirt)!

Sweaty and cold after running the race right under 23 minutes. It was 24 degrees today!!

Hide, this one's for you!! Do you have a post turkey trot picture too? Heidi ran a 5k turkey trot this morning in Iraq in around 26 minutes! Good job, Hide!

Thanksgiving at the Webbs (November 22nd)

Clearly, Ella enoyed her cookie:o)
Ryan decorating his "turkey."

Granny wouldn't let Landon have any icing, but he ate his whole cookie just the same!

Weston went a little crazy with the mini choco chips and icing!
Finley's turkey
The hand turkey cookie craft for the kids did not quite go how i thought it would. They loved the icing a little too much to make it look like a turkey:o)

I was really impressed by the way ryan rode weston's skateboard!

More baby Landon...
Taylor "sleeping."
Erin and Aunty J enjoying their mulled cider and good quiet adult conversation while the kids played downstairs in the garage.

Hi, Mama!

The winners of the turkey contest: Gramps and Grandma Bo! This picture does not do this turkey justice! Crazy details...

From left to right: Granny and boys shoe themed turkey, the Roles mardi gras turkey, the Webbs family turkey, and the Knightons q-tip turkey. Nice job, everyone!

Weston's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Weston's class secretly dressed in the classroom next door so that they could surprise us with their costumes. While they were dressing, a girl in his class threw up! It would not be a class function without someone in his K-5 class barfing!
You try smiling with a mouth full of food!:o)

Check out that plate!

This is the best picture i could get of weston's crush, gabrielle, without her parents thinking i was creepy.

These are the pilgrim hat cookies that i slaved over the night before! They were a huge hit! Gotta love!
Found it! The kids had to do a scavenger hunt to find their class number. Weston is number 18.
Wait a minute, is that actually a picture of me?!

Weston is putting together his hand and pinecone turkey.

Daddy is helping...


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, let me preface this video by saying...ever since the Sarah Palin rally, the kids have been walking around the house chanting a little mantra about Obama and McCain. I'm not sure if they heard it at the rally or made it up themselves, but it is darn cute! So, here is a video of me trying to get Ella to cooperate. It took a couple tries...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


oops, sorry these are all in backwards order! we got a late start this year trick-or-treating, so the kids only ended up going to the houses on our street (really only like 5 of them), granny and grandad's, nanny and grandaddy's, and brooke and jason's. then we went to this crazy lady's house who gave my kids 2 cans of chicken chili!! who would do something like that?? mom--that's who!
weston and avery playing at brooke and jason's house.
weston, nanny, and ella at nanny's house.

we made sure to get some good use out of this spiderman costume from his birthday party! hey, times are tight!:o)


our little ballerina!