Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Annual Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

So, our much anticipated annual trip to the pumpkin patch finally happened after 3 Sundays in a row of not being able to make it! It is tradition to take the kids' pictures in front of the big pumpkin to see how much they've grown over the year. The pumpkin was in a different spot this year and obviously not on level ground as you'll see in the next few pictures...We all had a great time together despite the fact that there were no pumpkins in the patch! We will definitely shoot for early October again next year:o)

Last year...

This year!

Last year...

This year!
They did actually grow a little! I swear Weston is taller than 3 1/2 feet though!
Ella loved being on the hayride and especially throwing the hay!

All of those puddles were just way too tempting! Weston and Ella were both a muddy mess when we left!

Where are all the pumpkins???

Weston did a good job comforting Ella after she tripped over a pumpkin vine.
So, this is what most of the barren patch looked like. If we saw any pumpkins at all, they were either rotten like these or still green!

Walking back to the hayride...

We were headed back to the hayride empty handed when we came across this bunch of pumpkins (obviously dropped off in the field). We chose one big fat pumpkin and decided to head back to play in the kids' area.
My little scarecrows!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weston's Kindergarten Field Trip To Snead's Farm

On Thursday, Ella and I went to the pumpkin patch with Weston's class. We had fun even though it was the same pumpkin patch that we had already been to with MOPS. I made muffins for the kids' snack and they were a huge hit until one kid threw up all over himself in the middle of eating them! Yuck! Anyway, everyone enjoyed the rather lengthy hayride and the hay barn. Hopefully, tomorrow we will actually be able to go to Ashland Berry Farm for our annual family outing to the pumpkin patch!
Weston went looking for the fattest pumpkin he could find!
Found it!

All of the kids had to carry their pumpkins back to the bus in their backpacks! Weston was such a trooper and carried his pumpkin all the way to the car!

Weston is sitting with his good friends Carl and Clayton listening to a story about how pumpkins grow. It was not exactly the highlight of the day, but he did a good job listening.

He loved the rope swing and the hay barn! This swing was outside of the barn, but he like it better because he could go higher.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday (October 13th) we went to the Richmond International Raceway to see Sarah Palin! We went thinking that it would probably be held on the racetrack, but unfortunately, we were all out on the grass with only 2 small set of bleachers. The news said 20,000 people came to see Sarah Palin and I believe it! It was really exciting to be there and hear her speak (what little bit we could make out:o) and she even brought Hank Williams Jr. with her! He sang the National Anthem and his "Family Traditions" sung with a campaign type theme. It was a really fun day!
Avey, Donovan, Finley, Ella, and Weston all had a blast playing together during the rally.
Our view...
I took this picture of Sarah by sitting on Erin's shoulders...


Mom and Jack (who is home from Iraq for 3 weeks!)
Ella was so sleepy, but she hung in there until the ride home!

Bubby and Elle--which by the way, i am not allowed to call her anymore! Whenever i call her Elle, she corrects me and says, "No, not Elle--ELLA!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Super Kids

Trying to kiss through Daddy's bow and arrow target...

Superheroes Unite!

Ella at the Pumpkin Patch

Ella and I went to Snead's Farm with MOPS. She loved chasing the chickens!
She would not let me take her picture that day!
Seesawing with Luke and Caden.
Someone's random helpful Daddy volunteered to push her on the swing.
Walking through the patch to pick her pumpkin...

Weston's Superhero Party! (October 4th 10am-12pm)

We had lots of brunch food for our 10am party.
We made Superman emblems for our craft.
Everyone got a cape and mask with their initial on it. We ended up having 7 boys all in different Superhero costumes!
The Spiderman cake that I actually made myself! My friend Susanne let me borrow her cake decorating stuff to make it. Weston thought it was "fantabulous!" I am definitely still in the running for "Mom of the Year!"
My little Superhero!
Happy Birthday Weston!!!