Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to the beach...GIRLS ONLY!!

What happens when 5 college roommates that haven't been together in 6 years get together for a weekend at the beach??
They get a little crazy...

i miss you girls already!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach trip with just me and the kids-June 1-4

sweetest girl ever!
watching t.v. together...i love how ella always snuggles into weston when they watch .tv.
henry sneaking a drink from the pool:oP
swimming with their new snorkel sets...
Chasing the waves and totally fearless!

I think she looks so much like weston in this picture! that is definitely a weston face!

all ready to swim!

For a little treat for the kids and a little break for me, i decided to take them to the beach house the tuesday after memorial day for a few days. it was so nice to get away from chores and responsibilities and just relax! we started and ended every day with a bike ride and went to the beach twice. the kids had so much fun playing in the ocean and the pool! i had fun laying on the beach:o) chad and henry came down the last night and surprised the kids while we were at sam & omie's eating dinner. it was so great to see the joy on their faces! nobody makes them smile like daddy! we got ice cream in the rain and the kids spent the next day in the pool with chad while i cleaned up. we all had a great time and i can't wait to go back to the beach this weekend with my girls!! in the words of my friend, danielle...holla! did i use it correctly, D?:o)
Never is he this sweet, but this is how i would like to remember him when i look back on memories of my 6 year old.
all ready for our first bike ride!
we rode on a path along the bay...
and this was our view! gorgeous!
don't just love a good forced smile!

Last Days of School and a Naked Chef...

Forget the apron! Ella likes to make smoothies "au naturelle!"

Camden and Ella and their last day of school. Char and i had to get a picture of their coordinating outfits! They both did a great job with their classes singing on stage.
Last day of 3rd old preschool!! May 28th!
Weston's class did a Reader's Theatre the day before his last day where all the kids had roles in various fairy tale stories and they read their parts. Weston was the 3rd little pig. He did such a great job! I was so nervous for him and he did just fine:o) Weston's last day of school was also the 28th, but i missed his program because it was at the same time as ella's:o(
On our last day together without Weston, Ella and i went to Shrek Ever After. We snuck some m&m's into my purse but forgot to pack a drink! 1 small bottle of water set us back another $4.50! Yikes! we won't be making that mistake again! This is a pic right before the movie started.