Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Love You PAPA!!

Ella with her baby in the playroom that she destroyed this morning.


Weston wrote your name without any help from me! He even started with the "p" before I told him how to spell Papa! Right before I took the video, I accidentally stepped on his foot which is why he looks like he's been crying:o(

These are the pictures that Ella and Weston made for Papa.

Here's Ella playing on her zebra. Most of the time she will stand up on it without any hands just like the girls in the circus:o)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What happened while Mommy was gone?...

Daddy paid babysitters to bring "guitar hero" to the house so he could challenge Jason to a game!! Ella begged for him to stop playing (because he's not very good) but he continued to jump around and live out his rockstar dreams. Go Daddy, go! Okay, that is not entirely true...Ella loved dancing to the music and watching Daddy act so silly!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Thank you, Crystal!! Now, I know how to attach more than one picture at a time! I was wondering why there wasn't some place on here to do that:o) That should really speed up the whole updating the blog process! Thanks, again!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pictures from our trip to Maymont today


Ella really liked looking at the huge Scottish cow. The picture of it does NOT do it's size justice!

Chad fed the goats, but Weston just threw food at them! He got too scared to have them lick it out of his hand.

Erin's favorite tree at Maymont (it's my favorite too:o).

Our trip to Maymont today...

Valentine's Dinner at The Tobacco Company

All the guys...Ryan, Chad, Daniel, Sean.

All the girls...Charlene, Beth, Emily, and Victoria.

Valentine's Day dinner at the Tobacco Company with our friends. It is our V-Day tradition!

While Chad was in England, we had a girl's night out at P.F. Chang's. Thanks,

girls for a fun night!:o)

Ella and Weston have helped me stay motivated to do my "mountain climbers." They do them almost as well as I do! The "passy" in Ella's mouth is one that she found around the house and likes to take around with her. She calls it "baby."