Monday, August 31, 2009

Fawn Lake Triathlon Sprint 8/30/09

Yesterday was the 1st annual fawn lake triathlon sprint. Chad, Jeremy, and I were a relay team (Team McWebb) although you could also choose to do the whole thing by yourself (what's the fun in that...i mean, really??). Chad swam 700 meters, Jeremy biked 12 miles, and i ran a 5K (3.1 miles). Our team got 3rd place for the relay teams with an overall time of 1:11:20. Chad-17:55, Jeremy-32:25, Me-20:24 with 1:16 lost on crappy transitions:o( I am very proud of our team and can't wait to beat Team Doherty next year!!
Go Team McWebb!!
Jeremy proudly shows off our team number--96!
Chad anxiously awaits the start of the women's and relay heats.
He gets off to a great start and even leads the pack/is in second place all the way to the first buoy!
Almost to shore...
All pooped out! Great job, honey!!
Jeremy takes off for his 12 mile bike ride after a confusing transition. We lost a lot of time on our transitions but will work to fix that for next year:o) After Jeremy finished his ride (and victory lap around the circle;o) i took off on my 5k run. Of course, there are no pictures of that, because clearly i am the only photographer in the family!
Team McWebb starts training for next year...TODAY!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

School days...2008

Not much has changed, although he looks a lot more confident this year!

School days...2009

Last week Weston started first grade! I can't even believe it! Anyway, he loves it so far even though his days are so much longer! At least we get to sleep in an extra 15 minutes since they bumped the bus schedule up a little:o)
Bye, Weston! Have a great year at school!
This year Weston's class are the dogs (last year he was a monkey), so he has to wear this nametag for the first few days of school in case he gets lost.

Ella already misses her Bubby! Her days are not the same without him!

Weston's desk in his first grade classroom.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Oops, forgot about our last day on the beach...

Sunday morning we headed down to the beach for the last time. We drove a few MPs north to a public beach access with a bathroom and plenty of showers. (The day before, ella peed on the beach...just standing there! it was so embarassing!) This beach was bigger and had nicer sand, but it also had a serious case of SEA LICE! Now, according to the lifeguard, these things are tiny blue crabs that attach themselves to you inside your bathing suit trying to get warm. They make you itch and burn, but can easily be gotten rid of by showering off. Chad and Weston both experienced them on this day, so Ella and I stayed clear of the water!

Chad was jealous of my chair that i brought, so he decided to make his own chair out of sand! Not bad at all!

This is what happens when i try to take pictures of them...
and this...
This was the best we could do. They never let me take their pictures together anymore!

Final Beach Weekend of the Summer!! 8/13-8/16/09

Saturday night we went to dinner and took the kids to play miniature golf (first timers!) at the little place right near our house. We figured we'd play close to home and at the cheapest one in case they got bored or didn't like it. Turns out, they loved it!! Ella was even asking to go again Sunday morning! Maybe next summer we'll splurge on the nice course:o)

I look like "Cousin It" in this picture!
Weston was actually pretty good and came close to a "hole-in-one" several times!
Ella...not so much:o) Most times she ended up picking her ball up and putting it right next to the hole and hitting it in. When I'd say, "Ella, how many (strokes) was that?" She'd say, "2!" or sometimes, "3." Hahahaha! I usually just made up a number and wrote it down, so we'd all be pretty close in scores. Chad was the official winner!
Running guessed it! WAVES!
I love this picture!

Showing me his big muscles. He's not afraid of the waves!

She is so sassy these days!

Making sand castles...

Arabian Nights dinner theme at the Grays...The Grays are friends of our that vacation together as an entire extended family every year. Each night someone takes a turn making dinner complete with a theme, costumes for everyone, and entertainment. Some of the themes this year were: Ballpark, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Country Western, and Arabian Nights. We came when Katherine and Zane were in charge of dinner. It was so good!! She made some chicken kabobs, grilled tomatoes and pita, couscous, figs and goat cheese, and grilled peaches with cream cheese. Everything was so delicious! After dinner we had a little belly dancing lesson and a little kissing lesson...right, weston? ;o) Good times!
Char, Me, Cathy, Tracy, Katherine, and Christianna showing off our best dance moves. Ha!
My kids were really into the costumes!

Chad, Ashley, Ryan, Ashley, and Zane. No, that's not a typo...Ashley's sister, Tracy, actually married a guy named Ashley. What are the chances of that?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our First Day at the Beach...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What we've been up to lately...

Yesterday, the kids and i and some of our friends from MOPS went to pick berries at the Westmoreland Berry Farm. It just happened to be on of the hottest days of the summer so far, but we still had a blast picking blackberries and feeding the goats. As a little treat, the kids and i enjoyed ice cream sundaes for our lunch! I got mine with a homemade shortcake and fresh blueberries from the farm. Yum, yum!! We picked enough berries and bought enough peaches from the store to make a blackberry peach crisp (courtesy of Barefoot Contessa) for Chad's mom's b-day tonight. Hopefully it will turn out as good as the one Jess made for us a few weekends ago at her dinner party;o)

Ella couldn't seem to get the concept of the head through the hole picture!
The Farm has a goat walk where the goats can walk up high and over to this holding crate (like the one in the picture). You buy food down below and use a pulley to lift it up to the goat to eat. it was actually pretty cool!
Ella and Weston loved feeding the goats!

This past weekend we went to the beach sans kids with Jason and Brooke. We spent a lot of time out on the boat and went back to the Roadside Grill one night for dinner and mint juleps. It was so nice to get away and have no responsibilities! This weekend will be our last one at the beach before Weston starts school next Thursday (8/20):o(. This summer has gone by way too fast!!

Chad let Weston mow part of the yard a couple weekends ago with the push mower. He thought it was really fun and told everyone about it. i think he felt really grown up:o)
Don't you just love the outfit too??
Speaking of outfits...Ella has started to really enjoy dressing up lately. One morning before church (still in her pj's) she decided to dress up like a fairy and fly around the house. She would run into the guestroom and stare at herself in the mirror, twirling around and making silly faces. It was so cute to watch her!

This is the finished product of the fluffernutter sandwich that Ella made and cut all by herself! She made me take the crust off (always!) after i took this picture, but she gobbled the whole thing up in no time!

Here she is spreading on the "nutter." She did the "fluffer" first which i never do, so it made the spreading a little difficult.

Ahhhh, is there anything better than cuddling up with Daddy?? Sorry for all the random pictures, but i just wanted to catch everyone up on the exciting life that us Webbs live! Hahahaha! Until next time...