Friday, August 21, 2009

Final Beach Weekend of the Summer!! 8/13-8/16/09

Saturday night we went to dinner and took the kids to play miniature golf (first timers!) at the little place right near our house. We figured we'd play close to home and at the cheapest one in case they got bored or didn't like it. Turns out, they loved it!! Ella was even asking to go again Sunday morning! Maybe next summer we'll splurge on the nice course:o)

I look like "Cousin It" in this picture!
Weston was actually pretty good and came close to a "hole-in-one" several times!
Ella...not so much:o) Most times she ended up picking her ball up and putting it right next to the hole and hitting it in. When I'd say, "Ella, how many (strokes) was that?" She'd say, "2!" or sometimes, "3." Hahahaha! I usually just made up a number and wrote it down, so we'd all be pretty close in scores. Chad was the official winner!
Running guessed it! WAVES!
I love this picture!

Showing me his big muscles. He's not afraid of the waves!

She is so sassy these days!

Making sand castles...

Arabian Nights dinner theme at the Grays...The Grays are friends of our that vacation together as an entire extended family every year. Each night someone takes a turn making dinner complete with a theme, costumes for everyone, and entertainment. Some of the themes this year were: Ballpark, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Country Western, and Arabian Nights. We came when Katherine and Zane were in charge of dinner. It was so good!! She made some chicken kabobs, grilled tomatoes and pita, couscous, figs and goat cheese, and grilled peaches with cream cheese. Everything was so delicious! After dinner we had a little belly dancing lesson and a little kissing lesson...right, weston? ;o) Good times!
Char, Me, Cathy, Tracy, Katherine, and Christianna showing off our best dance moves. Ha!
My kids were really into the costumes!

Chad, Ashley, Ryan, Ashley, and Zane. No, that's not a typo...Ashley's sister, Tracy, actually married a guy named Ashley. What are the chances of that?

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