Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our First Ever Family Vacation

So, this is the first time our family has EVER taken a week long vacation together with just us! Even though we just went to Nags Head to stay at the beach house, it's still seemed like a real trip. I have some pictures from the pool and beach on my other camera, but our computer's been so screwy lately, I'm not sure if i can dowload them or not. These are pictures from Jockey's Ridge and from a sunset boat ride. Sorry, they are all mixed up:o) Weston was too scared to run down the hill by himself and would only go down with Chad. I took these pictures before Chad let go and he tumbled face first into the sand! It was not pretty! Ella loved it though and surprisingly wasn't scared one bit! They both had such a great time.

Sorry about this picture...he had to use the bathroom!