Friday, March 14, 2008

Our 3rd Bat in the House!!

Tonight we had our 3rd bat come flying through the house! Chad ended up killing it with Weston's bat on the dining room table!! Yuck! Chad has killed 2 with Weston's baseball bats and one with a log.

Knights and Princesses

Today was fairy tale day at school. All the girls dressed like princesses and the boys were either princes or knights.
Ella loves smelling the flowers in our yard!
Weston takes his job protecting Ella very seriously!

"Thank you, Bubby."


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Today Show!

The back of David Gregory and Meredith Viera. No Matt Lauer:o(
The Today Show ticker...
Here is the view from where we were standing in the crowd.

This is what Al Roker looked like after he shook hands with the Webbs! Chad and I also appeared very briefly on The Today Show Monday morning a few minutes after we met Al!

Our Trip to New York

Chad and I in Central Park resting our legs. We walked so much this weekend!!
What is left of our frozen hot chocolate and peanut butter pie from Serendipity.
Here we are getting blown away on The Top of the Rock!
This was our view from our carriage ride through Central Park.
Here's Chad in Times Square!