Thursday, April 15, 2010


this is what happened when i asked chad to go outside and take pictures of the kids in their easter outfits while i made my appetizer to take to easter lunch. what can we learn from this, people?? perhaps one lesson learned is never to take pics of anyone while the sun is shining in their eyes! hahaha!

our trip to the circus-3/23/10

i scored some awesome seats the circus in D.C. for a great price this year! we went opening night(50%) and got an extra 20% b/c i'm VIP;o). we sat center ring and only 2 rows up from the ringling bros. big wigs. this was ella's first circus and weston's second. they had a great time watching all of the acts and ella especially loved the tigers! weston loved when they shot the girls out of the cannons. although our metro ride back to our car took an hour 1/2, and we got home at 1:30...we still had a lot of fun and made some special memories:o)
weston waiting for our metro as we left the circus...
the tightrope walkers were directly in front of us and very close!
the kids enjoyed their $9.00 snow cones in the tiger and elephant souvenir cups! good thing we passed on the $12.00 cotton candy!!
the elephants are always my favorite part:o)
weston and ella had so much fun together on the metro playing together and entertaining everyone on our car.