Friday, August 22, 2008


We all went to the bus stop this morning to say goodbye to Weston on his 1st day of school! i held back the tears as i put him on the bus for the 1st time. he was so excited and not even nervous! he definitely doesn't take after me!
he does look a little scared in this picture as he watches the big kids load the bus.
he got on the bus and sat right down in the first seat. i felt so bad for him b/c everyone else sat in the back and they were all in high school! he still had his backpack on too. i hope he didn't ride the whole 1 hour and 20 min. to school with it on!

Weston's Orientation for Kindergarten

Weston would not take a good picture yesterday! he made silly faces everytime i tried to take his picture! anyway, here he is sitting at his table at school. he started kindergarten today at Fredericksburg Christian School (where chad and i went to school).
all of the kids at his table...
he has to keep his monkey smiling to get a skittle at the end of the day. if he doesn't listen, his monkey gets flipped around. hopefully, our little monkey will behave himself:o)
weston's classroom is the only class in the modulars, and his seat is right by the door. the whole school will be moving to a new facility at the end of september.

Random Funny Pics of the Kids

This was one morning at breakfast...their babysitter put ella to bed with her pigtails in and this was the result when i took them out in the morning.
Weston proudly displaying ella's first halloween costume.
Random park pictures...

Kings Dominion With Granny

We got Granny a season pass to KD for her birthday, so she could go with us this summer and ride the "scary" rides with Weston. This particular day gave us great weather and lots of fun!

Weston loves watching "Little Bill" so he was thrilled to actually meet him! Ella, on the other hand, wouldn't go anywhere near him!
Ella's favorite thing to do at KD is to drive the cars--any cars! Here they are driving the Corvettes.
Granny and Weston on the Scrambler
Ella would only ride the boat if Bubby held her hand the whole time. She is normally terrified of this ride, but gladly rode it with Weston because he held her hand.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Favorite Pictures From the Beach

Daddy and Ella
Ella and Weston loved riding in Grandaddy's jeep with the top off!
"Elbow friends!"

Ella finally loved the ocean on the very last day of our vacation.

More Beach Pictures

Ella waiting for Daddy to come back from running

Weston loves being dunked and when Daddy does the "toilet brush."