Monday, September 28, 2009

The cupcakes that were the death of me!

Oh, oh,, i had this fantastic idea to make these cupcakes that i found in a book called hello, cupcake! by karen tack & alan richardson. not sure if i was on crack at the time or not, but i thought, hey weston will love these! how hard can they be? famous last words...wednesday of last week i decided to do a trial run of the sharks which i knew would be the hardest ones to execute. they are made with twinkies and half of a chocolate wafer (for the fin) that you cover in gray frosting and mount on the cupcake. the first ones were a failure after they all completely fell of the cupcakes by wednesday night. no problem, i thought. i'll just make them on jumbo cupcakes for a more stable base! hahahaha! the picture above is of the cupcakes that i made for weston's birthday pool party at the gym. the pictures below are what they looked like after i made them at the house. so, as you can see, only 2 sharks survived the journey to the gym yesterday and the rest, well...i think that i am going to take a break from cupcakes for awhile...after wednesday (weston's birthday) that is! i still have to make 30 for his class!! wish me luck!
sharks, buoys, life preservers, and fish (just in case you were wondering what all those funny looking things were:o).

Time to play catch-up...

Here's a random picture from our official last trip to the beach over labor day weekend. i rarely get any pics of the kids together, so i thought i'd post this one:o)
Here's my big girl on the steps of her preschool on her very first day--September 9, 2009. She was so excited to be there and broke my little heart when she ran in the classroom and never looked back or even said goodbye:o( i guess i should feel proud that i have raised her to be independent and self-assured, but a hug would've been nice! all i got was a little wave from across the room as i watched all the other children cling to their mother's legs.

First day of preschool and ella's proudly displaying her new lunchbox with her name on it. (*notice the dress, danielle?;o)

This picture was from orientation. everyday ella has to find the purple circle on the floor with her name on it during reading time. weston used to have a yellow circle.