Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oops, these pics are out of whack! Sorry, i'm trying to post this with Ella on my lap and Weston begging for a snack. Hide, when Mom dropped Landon off he was in his pj's but hadn't had a bath. He got kinda nasty eating his dinner, so I had to give him a bath. The only clean clothes I had for him were Ella's. Then we put him in Ella's doll cradle just for laughs:o)
Tubby time!


Stefany Gess said...

So cute. How long is Heidi gone? We will be praying for her!

Crystal said...

Em- sorry I have been slack about commenting lately on your blog. I love all the recent posts that I haven't mentioned. Glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving - oh yeah, I forgot it was your favorite holiday!