Sunday, November 2, 2008


oops, sorry these are all in backwards order! we got a late start this year trick-or-treating, so the kids only ended up going to the houses on our street (really only like 5 of them), granny and grandad's, nanny and grandaddy's, and brooke and jason's. then we went to this crazy lady's house who gave my kids 2 cans of chicken chili!! who would do something like that?? mom--that's who!
weston and avery playing at brooke and jason's house.
weston, nanny, and ella at nanny's house.

we made sure to get some good use out of this spiderman costume from his birthday party! hey, times are tight!:o)


our little ballerina!


Stefany Gess said...

Such a cute little ballerina, and hey you have to get good use out of costume when you can cause they are a once a year kind of thing. Way to go.

Crystal said...

they both look adorable. glad y'all had fun. :)