Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weston's 7th birthday party campout! 10/2

*the pictures are in backwards order--again! i will never get the hang of this:o)

kenzie came for the campfire and fishing too.

donovan caught a nice size catfish!
finley's first big mouth bass! he caught one the next morning!
weston caught the first fish!
our friends, the manns' graciously let us have the campout at their house since they have tons of land and an awesome pond. chad and his brother went ahead to set up the campsite in a creepy location that was also right on the pond and way back in the woods. i probably would not have camped there! it was scary once it got dark! first, we all fished (we bought each of the boys a fishing pole/tackle box set to take home) and everyone caught at least one fish! it was great! after fishing, we chad built the fire and we had hot dogs and made s'mores. i gave the kids some glow necklaces and glowsticks and they play tag and hide-and-seek in the woods. we told some "scary" stories around the campfire and ella fell asleep in my arms. chad took us home, and the next morning i made them all a big breakfast, and we headed to church! the boys all had a great time and weston really enjoyed himself:o)
these are the hobo bags i made the boys. each one had trail mix, beef jerky, a magnet, 2 glowsticks, and bag of camping silly bands.
it's hard to tell, but it had a little tent with a sleeping bag in it, a campfire, and a fishing pole with a fish on it.
these are the camping cupcakes that i made for the party, that no one even ate!! to make things worse, i dumped them over in the cupcake holder only minutes after reaching the campsite and they looked horrible! the kids ate so many s'mores, we never even touched the cupcakes!


danielle said...

Awww... I would have eaten one of your cupcakes... they are adorable!

dono & finley said...

you always throw the best parties, aunt mimi. and i like your cupcakes before they looked gross.

stevenjared0853 said...

Superb post! Those cupcakes are really tempting. Please do share the recipe if you have, I have never been able to make delicious cupcakes and I really want to make them for my son’s birthday party which is next month and we are planning to have it in a venue NYC nearby.