Friday, November 26, 2010

the OBX marathon- 11/14/10

Veteran's day weekend, we loaded up the kids and head to the outer banks for the obx marathon that we have been training for! chad's parents came down to cheer us all on and to watch the kiddos while we ran. our friends brooke and jason and brooke's mom came down too. susan (brooke's mom) ran the 8k on saturday, jason ran the 1/2 marathon on sunday, and chad and i ran the marathon on sunday. it was a race filled weekend! susan did great and so did jason! chad and i fell short of our lofty goals, but still finished the race without too many injuries. it was much harder than i thought it would be, but i think that i am ready to say that i would like to do it again:o) i have to say though, i think i enjoyed the journey (especially spending time with chad) more than the actual experience itself. training for the race was much more fun than running it!
brooke and susan after susan's race...
ella and brooke's dog, millie that also spent the weekend with us. ella loves that dog!
chad and i before the race. we are so happy and have no clue what we have gotten ourselves into!
jason and i before his first 1/2 marathon! he made his goal time of under 2 hours! good job, jay!
chad and jason all smiles...for now!
how sweet is this? brooke took this pic of the kids while they were watching the race.
jason pushing hard at the finish!
chad finishing his first marathon! i am going to spare myself the embarrassment of posting any of my pics from the race, since my finish shows me hobbling in on my hurt foot and hunched over from leg cramps.
what's the best way to celebrate after a long race and months of training??? dom perignon of course! thanks for sharing with us, dianne!!
congratulations to us!!

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Crystal said...

wow, so impressive! chad looks so thin!! so proud of you guys and i'm sorry you had to hobble at the end :)