Thursday, February 18, 2010

what lurks under the oven drawer...not for the weak stomach!

this is SO embarrassing and disgusting, but i had to share this with all of you in order to raise awareness for the necessary task of cleaning out underneath of the oven drawer. just in case you can't tell what everything is, because of the massive amount of dustballs and dirt, here is an accurate account of what we found under the oven drawer this morning:
1. weston's flip flop
2. a centrum vitamin
3. a video game
4. a pencil
5. an eraser
6. 3 letter magnets
7. a plate from ella's tea party set
8. 2 books
9. a ninja ring
10. a pen
11. a rose from ella's tea party set
12. $.26
13. a fake gold coin
14. a suction bullet from one of weston's nerf guns
15. a clapper
16. a barbie fake cereal box
17. a straw
18. a cup top
19. a sorry game piece
20. and a piece of pink chalk
seriously, if this post can save lives, then i have done my job!:o)


Stefany Gess said...

Too funny, that happened to me not too long ago while cleaning the townhome for the renters. It was ugly! I think I wore a mask and gloves.

Emily said...

thanks, stef, for comparing my cleaning to that of "renters!" :o)

Crystal said...

hey em! are y'all still snowed in? i'm sure my house is way dirtier than your house!

Emily said...

no, the kids officially went back to school this week and so far, have only missed a whopping 10 out of the past 14 days! we are glad to be back on a normal schedule. the snow is slowly melting...

Stefany Gess said...

No, No! I was cleaning our townhome as we moved out for the upcoming renters who are probably a lot cleaner than me. Ha ha. And mine was a lot worse than yours i assure you! Let's just say I didn't know there was enough room for all of that food to even fall under the oven. It was gross.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

This made me laugh...especially the $0.26.

I will organize your photos in payment for personal training. ;) I think your job would be harder.

danielle said...

Em, you are one dirty women. How could you let your house get that way? hehehe just kidding. I just vacuumed under my couch and I had multiple things "lurking" under there. It was a mess... so I can relate!

erinbeth said...

wow, i love this post. it makes me remember our childhood. i think that's where all our socks used to disappear. thank you for saving lives, emily.