Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this has got to stop!

seriously, i can't take it anymore!! it looks like a blizzard is coming down at our house right now, the kids are home from school---AGAIN---and the roads are too bad to go anywhere!! someone with a snowmobile, please come rescue me! and bring a babysitter because 2 straight weeks in the house with my kids is starting to drain me. the novelty and the fun of the snow has worn off and now i just want to get back to a normal schedule and life without snow and ice. does anyone else feel this way???

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Stefany Gess said...

I have heard you guys have been pounded with snow. Crazy winter. We are usually the ones, but we have just had 6 inches in the past 2 weeks. Not much. I hope it dries up soon for the sanity of all. It is no fun not being able to go anywhere.