Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Storm---->take 4!

last weekend we encountered another snow storm that kept the kids out of school all week except thursday. friday school was cancelled when the next round of snow moved in. this is what it looked like early on in the day today. it looks much worse now with another foot of snow on the ground (last week we had a foot of snow too!). my mom got finley and donovan last night, so my kids spent the majority of the day over there yesterday and today everyone headed across the street to my house to hit the slopes! we had so much fun sledding, making a snow fort, and sipping hot chocolate! we only wish avey could've been here:o(
there's nothing better than sled races during a blizzard!

mom is getting ready to go down for the first time.
weston and granny came zooming down the hill!

we all worked hard building this awesome snow fort that could fit all of us, but finley and dono stayed and helped me finish the fort after everyone else had gone inside. we were the "dedicated" few:o)

i let them decorate the snow fort with squeeze bottles full of water that i colored with food coloring. i love squeeze bottles!
all huddled up in the snow fort with some corn pops:o)

not sure why they all look so crazy eyed in this picture...all i said was "smile!"


aunt~e said...

wow, you guys really worked hard today! i'm so glad they could play with you guys today and get in their sledding fix. and the reason their all crazy in the last pic is from the yellow dye in corn pops!! ;0)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

How fun! I told your mom on Facebook that I need to send my girls out for the next snow storm. ;) The fort looks like fun!! You must be the best auntie.