Monday, March 15, 2010

My Awesome 30th Birthday!!


maybe 30's not so bad after all!!
Lucky me to be married to such a stunningly gorgeous man! hahaha! we took this pic while waiting on the plane in wichita falls, tx. our flight home was somewhat of a nightmare and we ended up having to circle dallas (because of bad weather) a few times, land in wichita falls to refuel, wait on the runway for another hour, and then take off again. we rushed to grab dinner before boarding our last flight home and ended up making it home around 1:30a.m.! what a long day!

This was the airport in burbank, ca that we flew into and out of.

I wanted to try four different flavors of cupcakes (dark chocolate, lemon, carrot cake, and red velvet), so we got a dozen and i cut up mine into fourths. Sprinkles cupcakes are the best!!

jen, matt, chad, me, jason, krista, sean, and vicki at dinner
we ate dinner at the best sushi restaurant ever! i think it was called kwami (not sure how it was spelled though). it was seriously amazing! this is the black truffle creme brulee they brought me for my birthday! yum!!
after sprinkles, we got drinks at the lux hotel. lucky for us, it was happy hour and drinks were $5! score!

day 3
we loaded up in the morning and headed back to l.a. to celebrate my birthday (as if the day before wasn't celebration enough!). i demanded we get cupcakes at sprinkles ( my favorite!), so here we are waiting in a line that was longer than most carl's lines in the dead of summer! i treated everyone to a dozen cupcakes and we took them with us to be devoured later that night!


i love the horse and carriage on the front gate to the house.

the front of the house we stayed in.

this is all of us after we got kicked out of winery #5 since they were an hour past closing time! oops! not sure who chad is trying to punch...

this is what our beautiful scenery looked like! amazing, right?

our driver took us by neverland ranch. this was the front gate and basically all you can see from the road.

the day we went wine tasting was cloudy, cool, and very windy! we at picnic lunch outside at winery #3 and almost got blown away:o)

i love these crooked looking trees and they were everywhere in santa barbara!
sean and vicki:o)

chad and sean at winery #2...

chad, me, jason, krista, vicki, and sean in front of winery #3...

day 2
bright and early the next morning, chad and i headed out for the most beautiful run of my life!! we ran 5 miles through the town and many vineyards. we even ran over olives that had fallen from the olive trees! it was amazing! i could definitely live there! after our run and delicious breakfast (thanks krista!) we left for a fantastic day of wine tasting! krista had planned our day with 5 wineries and i couldn't have been happier with her choices! we had a driver named erik that drove our minivan around all day and even joined us in the casino that found, at the end of the day. i had such a fun day, and chad and i even won some money in the casino! woohoo!
chad, me, sean, and vicki arrived in l.a. at lunch at the counter and loaded up our awesome dodge caravan that we rented and headed to santa barbara! we stayed in this little town called los olivos. it was so cute and smaller than bowling green, if you can even believe that! we had time to shower and get ready for our dinner reservations at the side street cafe (thanks, krista!). this is a pic of us enjoying our "pillow of love" dessert and some delicious wine:o) the chef patrick was very entertaining!


Crystal said...

i love all the pics from your trip!!! it sounds so fun and you look beautiful :) the pic where you have your arms around chad at the winery, i think you look like heidi

Tracy said...

What a great way to celebrate your 30th! So glad you had a chance to get away and go someplace gorgeous.

Stefany Gess said...

That looked like a blast! What a fun trip and a great way to remember your birthday. You are a goreous 30 year old.