Friday, July 30, 2010

4th of july weekend

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we spent 4th of july weekend at the beach house with nanny, grandaddy, daniel, beth, mckenzie, jack, and emory. the kids got along great, and we all had fun at the beach! 4th of july evening, all of us (sans nanny, grandaddy, and emory) took the boat to manteo to watch the fireworks from the water (like we did last year). last year we had a nice bright moon and working spotlight to guide us home. this year, we had no moon and a spotlight with batteries that died on our way home as well as very little gas! it was quite the exciting night as we had to find our way in the dark to a lit dock and wait for bill to come get us. not to mention, we all got soaking wet from a wave that crashed in the boat when we were leaving the fireworks!! we might have to rethink this little venture for next year...
emory, kenzie, jack, weston, and ella---it doesn't get any cuter than this!
sweet sisters:o)
i mean, really! when will i be able to take a decent picture of them together?!
i can't believe she just turned one!!
emory loved being pushed around the house in the baby doll stroller!
best buds!
i can't believe how much kenzie is growing up!! she is 10 now and reminds me of a little teenager!
the kids loved jumping off the boat and into the bay after tubing! ella even did it a few times!
all the kiddos tubing...
i took this pic when we headed out to sea for our 4th of july one had a clue what the night would bring:o)

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