Sunday, August 8, 2010

some of our favorite things right now...

ella's been taking gymnastics for a few months now and she is starting to get better with her handstands...
and cartwheels!
i scored this slip 'n slide at target on clearance for $2.26!! it is actually the second one i bought since henry ate the first one:o( the kids love it, and it keeps them entertained for super cheap:o)

skateboarding is also something that both kids love doing together. it is so cute to watch them skate together in the driveway or down the hill (yikes!) in front of our house!

this is ella's "knight" costume that she put together. both weston and ella are really into dress-up this summer, and knights has been the big thing for a couple weeks now. even as i type this, ella has thrown together a new knight costume that she is wearing while she rides the stick pony around the house! and when i asked her where her hair bow and glasses were, she told me, "knights don't wear bows or glasses!" i didn't have the heart to tell her that i don't think they wear dresses either:o)

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Crystal said...

they are both so cute!! glad y'all are having fun :)