Friday, July 30, 2010

family vacation to OBX july 9-18, 2010

we took our family vacation to nags head from july 9-18. these pics are just a few of the highlights...

i think i see a future in bodybuilding! hahahaha!

we took henry down to the bay to practice some water fetching. he did well at first, but then was really distracted by the egrets. weston had to wade out in the nasty water to get the dummy for him before we left!

this was henry's first time at the ocean. he was just like a little kid running from the waves! it was so funny to watch:o)

all the kids...
we spent most days at the beach when the weather allowed us. it was pretty hot and stormy all week. weston got really brave with the water and would go out far on his boogie board. ella would go out far with chad. i would go pee! that water was freezing!!

i love this picture! ella liked jumping over the waves when they came ashore.
we took one sunny, but very windy day to go down to cape hatteras. it was our first time down there as adults, and we had a wonderful time! ella was too short to climb the lighthouse, so we just admired it from the outside and from the inside looking up the stairs. maybe next year she will be tall enough to climb!

the last day we were there, there was a skim boarding competition going on down at the beach where we normally sit. it was cool to watch the super talented skim boarders do their thing! ella used her boogie board as a skim board and tried to imitate them. it was so cute!
watch out, weston!!

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