Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More of Henry...

henry likes to go play at my mom's house (across the street) with her goldendoodle named molly. molly is a little too crazy for him, but he indulges her:o)
henry rarely gets the ball when mom throws it because molly tackles him trying to get it!

henry giving molly a kiss xxxxxx.

one of weston's chores is taking henry for a walk after school. up until today, he HATED walks! today, he did a really good job though! this picture was from yesterday.
after the kids go to bed at night, i let henry come lay with me on the sofa as long as he's being nice and calm. he likes to bring his nigh-night with him. yes, i know it's pink! it's one of ella's old ones:o)


erinbeth said...

aw, the pic with the ni-night is too sweet. we definitely need to meet him in person soon!!! (if chad can spare him for a few hours :0)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Haha...Erin's comment made me laugh.

Girl, do you know me at ALL?! I set my DVR for Project Runway a day or two ago. :) I promised T I'd watch The Hangover with him tonight, so PR will have to wait until tomorrow...boohooo!!!!

Stefany Gess said...

such a cutie

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The movie was faaaaabulous! Wish you could have made it, but mark your calendar for 2/20. We're going to go see "Valentine's Day." :)