Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

not sure why we can never seem to get a great family photo, but this one was the best of 5 taken at dad's the day after christmas.
chad, finley and i battled it out in scrabble on the go with chad taking the ultimate victory!
my beautiful sisters:o)
ella, landon, ryan, and logan all climbed in the toybox.
an mp3 player! hooray!
a dog is just what i always wanted!!

christmas morning we set up all of the puppy stuff with a note left from santa on the computer ( because he couldn't get the printer to work;o) explaining that weston was still too young for a bb gun, but that he had picked out the perfect dog for him and ella to share. he left us a map so we could bring him home after our vacation. turns out he lived in TN only an hour from where we were going! thanks, santa!

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