Friday, January 1, 2010

family vacation to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, TN day 1 and 2

going down...yikes!!

ella and weston got to admire the view from the viewfinder.

the view from the top was gorgeous!
on our way up!

i videoed on the way up sky lift and chad took pictures. on the way down, we switched. i'm not gonna lie, i was a little terrified! it was so high up and the space between us and the bar was huge! i thought i was going to lose my purse several times and going down, i thought i would lose ella! she decided to lay down with her legs hanging off the side! i nearly had a heart attack!
this is quite possibly one of my favorite pics of the kids! it just might be next year's christmas card:o)
and chad went to the moon!
ella rode a motorcyle...
weston and i climbed the rock wall. i made it to the top and was a little freaked out coming down. my fear of falling was really tested this week!
a picture of the ceiling in wonderworks. everything was upside down and the fact that it was all cracked really bothered ella. i think she thought it was going to fall down.
on our first day in pigeon forge/gatlinburg, we decided to explore our surroundings a little. we took the kids to wonderworks ( . it was such an awesome museum for the kids; totally hands-on and did a great job of keeping them entertained! i would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the gatlinburg, tn area!

the outside of the indoor waterpark...
we made it!! we stayed at wilderness at the smokies in sevierville, tn ( it has an amazing indoor waterpark complete with a wave pool, a surf rider, 6 waterslides, 2 hot tubs and 2 kids areas. the kids had a blast! it was perfect too, because our room was right down the hall from it!

when ella turned 3, we cut her nigh-night in half. now she swaps between the 2 halves always choosing the "yucky, stinky one" to suck on. i thought this was funny:o) we put the yucky one in the window to block the sun and even the clean one was on her lap, she fell asleep with the gross one in her mouth.

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