Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The First Snow of the Year!

Today we got our first snow of the year! They cancelled school, so we headed outside to soak up the fun! i was really glad to find out that the snowsuit i bought ella last year and never got to use, still fit her. she also fit in her light up princess boots from grandma bo that she scored on clearance last winter for $5.00! great deal, grandma! anyway, as you can see, we all had a blast even though it snowed the whole time we were outside. what a fun way to spend a tuesday!!

Ella throwing her first snowball.

Poor girl looked like the kid from A Christmas Story!

so, we couldn't find our sleds (i think they might still be at daniel and beth's from like 3 winters ago), so i went up in granny's attic looking for some. and guess what i found??? oh yes, girls, big green! this was the sled we always fought over as young girls because it had the "oh so cool" handbrakes! ella and weston fought over it as well today and weston even mastered the art of braking at the end of the hill to spin out. thanks gran!


Landon breaking the sled with his big booty!

Ready, set, go!

WINNER! Mom's such a daredevil! She beat weston 3 times!

We tried pushing Landon down the hill in the baby sled, but he was too fat! it just stuck in the snow!

Poor Ella's hands got so cold! I ran in to get her more gloves, but when i came back, she was in tears!

Snow bunnies!

Mom and ella flying down the hill!

Mom let Landon crawl around in the snow...

He loved it!


Stefany Gess said...

what a blast. Luke loves playing in the snow too. And don't worry about skiing. I am soooo worse than you. I live in CO too which makes that worse. Love ya

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

So cute! I love the comment about Landon's "big booty"...too funny.