Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in the City...December 26th

So, for Christmas this year, i surprised Chad with a day trip to NYC. Our flight from Richmond left at 6am on the 26th and we got home around midnight! It was a really long and exhausting day, but we had such a great time together! We started our day back at The Today Show with Lester Holt, Natalie Moralis, and the blond chick who's name i can't remember. We stayed briefly there and then moved on to Times Square, Central Park, Bryant Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the MET, Chinatown, and Rockefellar Center. We walked so many miles that day, that we both fell asleep in the cab on the ride to JFK! It was a great way to spend the day after Christmas:o)

Times Square...

St. Patrick's Cathedral was amazing, but the light was all wrong for my camera.

Sitting on a pew at St. Patrick's resting our tired feet!

In front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art about to go by our tickets. I really enjoyed seeing all of the guns and weapons from Medieval Times. The armor was amazing!

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