Wednesday, May 12, 2010

totally random pics...

this is my friend, meri's totally adorable baby, wren. she went with meri and i to the pioneer woman ( cookbook signing in fairfax on may 4th. she was such an angel as we waited patiently for 5 hours to see her! we physically stood in line for 2 hours and she never even cried!

here we are with ree drummond, "the pioneer woman!" check out her website!!
weston got a chapel award in april--finally!! i was so proud of him, especially when she said the part about him loving to sing song to the LORD during Bible time:o) ahhhh, it warmed my heart!
couldn't resist this one! ella will definitely kill me one day!
all the cousins together at gramps' & grandma's for the easter egg hunt. (how behind am i on posting??) from left to right and top to bottom: finley, avey, ryan, landon, ella, kieran, liam, logan, weston, and dono.

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erinbeth said...

i am amazed that DONOVAN of all stinkin people is smiling in that last one!!! and you are correct. ella will definitely come after you one day for that pic. better hide it at my house and i'll whip it out for her first date ;0)