Saturday, May 22, 2010

The kittens are here!!

so, a couple months ago a cat showed up at our house. the kids instantly fell in love with her and after a week, started feeding her. i know, i know, you never feed a stray cat or they don't leave, but you have also never eaten breakfast and dinner for a whole week with the little thing meowing and pawing at the window while you ate! it was heartbreaking! anyway, we started to feed her every morning and night. after a few weeks, she started to look a little too fat. hmmmm...last week i decided to take her to the vet, and sure enough--she was preggers! the vet said that she would deliver in a week with 3 kittens (ella and i got to see them on the sonogram and hear their little heartbeats). we cleaned out a closet in the garage and made a little home for her. she's been in her room since sunday and finally, this morning we awoke to find THIS:
3 little kitties!!
2 gray striped and one black sock footed one. i am highly allergic to cats, but so in love with these already!!

here is the mama--we call her frisky or frizzy. you can't tell from the picture (i will try and take some more of hre) but she has the most beautiful markings! complete white circles on her sides! she is totally lovable and very affectionate, and we stole her fair and square! today we have are having a block party at our house, and i am just waiting for one of the neighbors to see frizz and say, "our cat! we have been looking everywhere for her!" we might have to keep this little girl and her babies a secret today, because the kids are seriously attached:o) shhhhh...


Stefany Gess said...

Love all the new updates. Can't wait to see you.

Crystal said...

sorry i have been so bad about not leaving comments...i still read your blog though :) can't wait to see you!