Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marine Corps Historic Half May 18, 2008

The morning of the race, Brooke picked me up at 5am and drove to her dad's house to meet some of the other runners. What a true friend!! This is after the race in front of the medic station where our friend, Tristin ended up.
Erin and Stacy came out with the kids and lots of signs to support me through the rough spots of the race. Thanks guys!
Me and Dan (Brooke's dad) after running the 13.1 miles. Gotta ice the hip!
Here I am slowing down to give Weston "five."
This is towards the end of the race when I thought I might die!
Jason and Brooke made signs to help cheer me on.

Going up the hill, I was feeling better than #483!

This is right before my mental breakdown at mile 11 3/4!
Even though the course was killer, I managed to hang in there and meet my goal time of 1:45 only going over by 53 seconds. I can't wait to run next year's with...Brooke? Erin? Chad? :o)

Early on in the race and had loads of energy!


erinbeth said...

please remove grandma-arm- disgusting-no-make-up-face-picture of me. seriously, just cut me out!!! you did awesome girl!!

Nikki said...

Holy Cow, Em ... I can't tell you how impressed I am. Congratulations for completing such an awesome accomplishment. :) And your arms look totally cut! Way to go, my hot friend! :) Love you!

Crystal said...

Em, that's amazing! You did such a great job and I'm so proud of you!