Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fishing the day before the race

Weston went fishing with Chad on Friday afternoon and caught this big mouthed bass that we ate for dinner Monday night:o) He had so much fun that we all went back Saturday night to try our luck again.

Ella wanted so badly to pick up a worm, but every time she touched it, she would scream.

Ella and Weston fishing the day after the "big catch!"

We didn't catch anything, but the kids still had fun!

Ella didn't care much about fishing but she did enjoy walking around the pond and putting rocks in her mouth! Yuck!
She also had the very important job of holding the worms.


Stefany Gess said...

Great job emily. I am up to an hour now. It has taken me a two weeks to go that long. It is a long road back, but you are my inspiration. Fishing looked like a blast. How cute. Love ya

Crystal said...

You have such a cute family Em! Chad is such a good dad to take the kids fishing. Where do you go? Do you have your own pond?? :) Tell Weston I'm proud of him for catching such a big fish! That's hilarious about Ella wanting to pick up a worm but just screaming.