Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my little baby boy

ok, so i'm not talking about weston, i'm talking about my other little baby boy, henry:o) he's been at bird dog training school for over a month now, and we have all really missed him! i was actually surprised at how hard it has been for me! i didn't even realized i was that attached to him, but i honestly couldn't even go in his room for the first 2 weeks. we are only allowed to see him twice during this whole process, so it's been tough for all of us. a couple sundays ago we got our first visit with him. despite the fact that his strong poop smell made my eyes water, it was so great to see him! he is doing well, and we loved seeing how excited he got to show us his bird pointing skills. he held point for over a minute! anyway, i know that he was born to do this and loves it, so i will suffer through the next couple months until he comes home again. we miss you, henry!!

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Crystal said...

are you ever going to blog again?