Monday, December 14, 2009

Erin's Big Race

Yesterday Erin and our friend Suzie ran the Blue and Gray 1/2 Marathon in Fredericksburg. The weather was so nasty!! It was 34 degrees and rained the whole time! It was Erin's first 1/2 ever and i'm so proud of her for running it! I would not have run in that weather. Although she didn't get the time she was hoping for, she still did great! Congratulations girls!


erinbeth said...

how did i never see these pics???? thank you so much for cutting your fun vaca short to come out and support me. it meant so much to see you on the hills of death. you're my running hero, you know :0)

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought that black was a slimming color, I guess not!!! :)
Em, thanks so much for surprising us on the course! That was awesome! You really picked up our spirits on a gross running day!