Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Pics from the Beach...*read from the bottom of the last post up*

What a wonderful end to our family vacation!

After Jess, Jeremy, and Caden left, we decided to take the boat out one last time for a sunset ride.
Jeremy was so proud of castle that he built for Caden (Caden added the "flags"). I'm not sure that he will be in any castle building contests in the future...
Here he is right before throwing the board in the water and not jumping on it. I had to run out and rescue the skim board--TWICE!
Ella watches Weston as he gives it a shot!
Uh, Jeremy was that bad!He's actually not that bad!
On Saturday, the boys joined us at the beach so Chad could show off his skim boarding skills! Hahahahaha!
Where are my feet??
Caden was good at finding "flags" to put in the sand castle.
Danielle, i know that you share my love of cheeky little pictures.;)
Ella's going to try her hand at boogie boarding with all of the guys in the ocean.

More castle building...she's obsessed with the sand!
We had fun watching the surfers and boogie boarders. As a little side note: Jess is 6 months pregnant and is having a girl in November. We are so excited for them!
Jess, Caden, Ella, and I went to the beach on Friday while the guys went fishing (the girls left early Friday morning). The waves were insane and the wind was wild!!
Ella and Caden loved watching TV together in our room...
At the Roadside Grill...
Thursday night we left the kids with Lauren and Courtney and headed out with Jess and Jeremy to the Roadside Grill for dinner. It had really great food, a laid-back atmosphere, and awesome mint juleps! After dinner, we drove down to The Sunset Grille and then ended up at The Brewing Station for some delicious dessert! It was a fun and relaxing night to spend with some great friends:o)

So, just to recap a little...we went to the nags head late thursday night and spent until monday with chad's parents. Tuesday our babysitters joined us, and Wednesday night our friends, Jess, Jeremy, and their 2-year old son, Caden came to stay until Saturday evening. We left Sunday night. Thursday was a little cloudy and windy so we took the kids to the aquarium in Manteo. I forgot my camera that day, but we had a great time packing our lunch and eating out by the water (b/c of course, by the time we got there it was nice and sunny:o). Here are Caden and Ella jumping on Weston's top bunk. They thought it was hilarious to jump up and hit their heads on the ceiling and then fall on to the bead laughing!

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danielle said...

Em, yes, cheeky pictures are the best, I mean how can anyone resist white chunky cheeks... it looks like you guys had a GREAT time. Seriously, I know i say this a lot but I wish we lived closer... I think we'd have a great time...

Thanks for posting it was fun to catch up on your summer outings... :)

Love ya