Friday, May 1, 2009

Ella's Birthday Presents...

Here is Ella on her big girl bike!! She loves it and is learning how to pedal without falling over:o)

Thanks to my friend, Danielle's, blog (i'm not sure how you make a link here???) Ella has been able to see pictures and videos of her girls without ever meeting them. She adores Cambelle and Chloe and especially loves that they have their ears pierced. For her birthday she asked for a dog and to get her ears pierced. We said, "no" to the

Since Ella is 3 now, we cut her gigantic "night-night" in half. She was actually okay with it and now keeps half in the car and the other half in her bed or in her mouth while she watches Curious George.

She picked out some cute little colorful diamond daisies. Two girls pierced them at the same time and she never even cried!! All she said was, "That really hurt." So brave!


erinbeth said...

omw, i could just cry; she looks so precious in that last pic....i LOVE her choice in jewelry and would totally wear those earrings!!!! she has her mama's good taste, of course :0)

danielle said...

Ok, first of all, I just cried thinking about my girls are changing the lives of others... hahaha j/k

Ella is adorable. Her earrings and jewelry are awesome and her riding skills are out of this world.

I'm so glad you made a video and now my girls can watch Ella. They can be long time pen pals. How fun would that be?

I also loved her birthday theme and may steal it for Cambelle's birthday in June :)

Can you email me your email address? Here's mine
So, now we can keep in touch better. Talk to you soon.

Love ya

erinbeth said...

omw, danielle, we almost named our daughter cambelle (but with a p)! love it.