Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Surprise!

For 4 days, chad and his dad secretly put together most of the swingset in the garage. we told the kids that daddy had a huge surveying project that he was working on that had lots of pieces to it, so they weren't allowed to go in the garage. this was a little tricky when it came to parking the car, but i did my best lying this week to keep it all a surprise. christmas eve, santa's helpers (mark, chad's dad-bill, jason, brooke, and daniel) all came over to help move it outside.
Then they hooked up the swingbar. most everyone had to leave after that, so bill and daniel stayed to help chad a little longer...

It's looking good...

Chad's hooking up the pirate telescope.

All done!! chad and bill finished up around midnight and i stayed up to help chad put away all of the tools. what a big surprise!

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aunt~e said...

what a great (last) picture of chad!